The Varanasi mission was started in the year 1995. The main focus of the mission is to impart quality education to the underprivileged and poor children of the nearby villages of Chamav, Ahiran and Koiran. The Gram Jyoti School, Varanasi is a medium to achieve this goal. The School which was started in the year 2007, has now entered into 10 years of its existence. The School now has the strength of 242 students and it is increasing as the school has entered into a new academic session. The School has the services of  Rev. Reti John Skariah (Administrator), Mrs. Shincy Reti Skariah (Principal), 10 Teachers and 2 Non-Teaching Staff.

Apart from the School, the mission is also involved in developmental and empowerment activities such as Tailoring School for the women of the villages to become self employed and self sufficient. The mission in participation with the well-wishers provides tailoring machines to the students of the tailoring school. Currently 10 students have completed the course. The mission also supports some underprivileged Children to undertake higher studies by providing monetary support to them. The mission this year conducted a VBS of 2 days with the support of Sunday School of Ahmadi Mar Thoma Church, Kuwait on 11th February and 12th February, 2017. Almost 75 children participated in it. The Mission also participates in spreading of the Word of God by distributing Bibles to the needy seekers who yearns for learning Word of God. The mission intends to begin a Computer Education Centre this year. There are daily prayer meetings for the seekers at 7:30 PM in the Mission Centre Chapel and Hindi Ordinary Service for the seekers on the Sundays at 4:00 PM. Rev.Reti John Skariah serves as the Missionary.