Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliation No: 1031074

Christa Jyoti Mission Higher Secondary School is a small beginning by the Missionaries from Christa Panthi Ashram, Sihora in the year 2000. The students of ETRD after the completion of their studies under the auspicious leadership of Rev. P. Mathew (Sihora) came to Beohari and started the mission work in nearby villages. Rev. Mathew Abraham (Mukkuttuthara), Rev. T. S. Jose (Attappadi) and Rev. M. C. Varghese (Mukkuttuthara) were the Founders of Christa Jyoti Mission Higher Secondary School, Beohari. They started Baalvadi, Tailoring School and Health Awareness Programmes amongst the nearby Villages and slowly started the educational activities also. The pioneers started the School in a rental building in Godaval road and later purchased 5.5 acres of land near Beohari Railway Station and started the School in own building named “Christa Jyoti Mission Higher Secondary School”.