The Northern India Zonal Assembly of the Mar Thoma Church, Delhi Diocese with Registration No” S-33037 of 1998 is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The Northern India Zonal Assembly(NIZA) of the Mar Thoma Church has extended its purpose to serve the people in the Northern states of India especially through its educational institutions, Self-help groups, Tailoring institutes, small scale products developments, providing basic needs, primary education, promoting Make in India at various villages and helping them sell their products in local markets etc. Health care centres are organised and health camps are held at many villages providing basic health needs and classes on hygiene and cleanliness. Awareness programmes on de-addiction and harms of tobacco products, Women health, Child care and development are some of the major works done through the various institutions and mission centres under the society. The Northern India Zonal Assembly of the Mar Thoma Church caters to the wholistic development wherever it serves through its very aims and objectives of the Society. Hence the society has stood in the forefront to establish and cater to the needs of the society and strengthen communities in the midst of the socio-economic-cultural predicaments and help them to realise their potentials and resources so as to render their contributions to the society at large.


President:   The Rt. Rev. Zacharias Mar Aprem Episcopa 

The Rt. Rev. Zacharias Mar Aprem Episcopa Thirumeni serves as the President of the Northern India Zonal Assembly of the Mar Thoma Church since January 01, 2024.  Thirumeni's dynamic and inspiring Leadership especially in the growth and development of the institutions is commendable. Being an educationalist and a visionary leader Thirumeni has been at the forefront of Church's progress in the North Indian states, particularly in the field of education. For this he has received several accolades, both at national and state level. He has been instrumental in the successful growth and further progressing developments of our projects and missions under the society.   


The Society: 

The Society (NIZA) is actively involved in various educational activities and social projects. The help and support of all people have enriched the activities of the society. The challenges are many because of the diversity of culture, plurality of languages and geographical vastness of its are of involvement.


Secretary & Treasurer:

The Rev. Manoj Mathew (Till 30th April 2018), Rev. Roby J. Mathew (from May 1st to July 14th), Rev. Shaimon Elias (from July 14th to  Sept.14th)and  Rev. Dr. Thomas Kurian Anchery (from 2018 Nov. 1st - 31st April 2020) served as the Secretaries of the NIZA. Rev. Toms Ninan serves as the NIZA Secretary at Present.

Mr. P. T. Mathai served as the Treasurer from April 1st 2017 onwards. We express our thanks and appreciation to all of them for their dedication, help and support in all the activities of the Society.  Rev. Toms Ninan and Mr. Joby C. Cherian serves as the Secretary and the Treasurer respectively.


Society Office:

The Society Office of Northern India Zonal Assembly of the Mar Thoma Church has been the epicentre of all the Activities during 2018-'19. Along with the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rev. Daniel Thomas, (Bishop's Secretary and NIZA School Manager), Mr. Rijo C. Varghese (Clerk/Accountant), looked after the functioning of the society office from 2021 till 2022 May. Mr. N.M Mathai as cook from January 1st 2018, Mr. Ranjith M. Thomas as Driver from February 1st 2018 & Mr. Mohamed Mastaqi (caretaker) served as a team during this financial year to complete all the tasks from the Society's Office. We express our sincere gratitude for their relentless support and service to the Society. Currently Mr. Rasool serves as the caretaker. Mr. Juno serves as the Accountant.